Watch: Man Annoys Injured Leopard By Going Too Close To Click Pictures, Gets Attacked


This is the most bizarre and dangerous incident ever when a man had a near-death moment while trying to take a picture and a selfie with an injured leopard in the Alipurduar of West Bengal.

The video from August 19th shows a crowd of spectators standing and clicking pictures with the injured leopard which was run down by a speeding vehicle on a busy highway. The heartless crowd doesn’t even care to call the police or the forest officials to its rescue but enjoys the rare moment by clicking pictures.

One of the men is seen getting near the injured animal to click the pictures and take a selfie. Irked by the behaviour of the man, the feline sprang to attack him. The man immediately tries running away but falls hurriedly in front of the injured leopard. However, he then manages to get up and escape while the entire crowd jeers to the incident.

A few men from the crowd is also seen running as the leopard tries attacking the man. They also throw stones and woods to prod the animal.
The Leopard lay constantly for over an hour when a sensible man from the crowd thought to make the distress call to the forest department. The forest officials then arrived and took it for treatment in the veterinary.
An official said, “The leopard has received minor injuries and is being treated, it will be released into the wild when it is deemed fit.”

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