Video Shows UP Cops Thrashing Man As His Terrified Niece Looks On


While the new traffic rules look as bizarre, there have been incidents coming to light where the traffic cops have now resorted to physical assault to extort the traffic fines from the commuters.

In a similar incident, a 25-year-old man was thrashed by the cops in front of his nephew in Siddharthnagar, Uttar Pradesh.

A bystander who stood to watch the physical assault been carried out by the police on the man took out his mobile phone and captured the incident on his mobile phone.

Rinku was on his way home after visiting a local clinic to show his nephew after he fell sick. He was accosted by the cops who then demanded him to show his papers and license.

Rinku continuously pleaded him to let him go home as he had left the papers home as it was an emergency when he took his nephew to the clinic and forgot to take his documents along with him.

Even after constant pleading the cops didn’t listen to him and started the physical assault.

The video showed the sub-inspector Virendra Mishra and head constable Mahendra Prasad thrashing and abusing Rinku Yadav.

One of them pinned the man to the ground and sat on him while the commuter kept pleading for mercy which fell on the deaf ears of the cops intoxicated in power.

Soon after the video surfaced on the social media, both the police officials were suspended and an enquiry was initiated against the matter.

SP Dr Dharamveer Singh tweeted, “After an enquiry headed by SP Sadar, both sub-inspector Virendra Mishra and Head police constable Mahendra Prasad have been suspended and called to police line for the grave misconduct.”

Source: Hindustan Times | Image: ANI 
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