Watch: Odisha Dancing Teacher Wins Internet With Unique Teaching Style


“A teacher is always a first guiding light”. Proving the statement true, a teacher in Odisha’s Koraput district has gone overboard to teach his students in a unique style.

The video from Lamtaput upper primary school which has gone viral on the social media for every right reason shows the teacher dancing while imparting valuable lessons to his students.

Odiaa reversion class with the students of class one

Posted by Prafulla Kumar Pathi on Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The video shows the in-charge headmaster of the school – Prafulla Kumar Pathi – swaying his hips, sprawling on the floor, sprinting around the classroom and gesticulating while singing from a book. He is not alone but his students are also seen actively taking part in the fun activity.
It has been since 2008 that Prathi has adopted such a teaching style which is not just innovative, but creative in a way that the lessons are well remembered by his students.

Prathi had devised this creative idea to ensure his students take part in the lessons.

He says: “Since the day I have adopted this style of teaching, I have seen students taking more interest in the subjects. They are also regular in schools because they love what they learn.”

“I always thought that teaching should be fun and not monotonous and what could have been better than singing and dancing to the lessons that not only kept the students interested but they remembered the lessons well.”

The students had a record of dropping out of schools before they finished with their education, but ever since Prathi has started teaching this way, it has not only boosted the attendance but also the number of new admissions.

Source: Hindustan Times | Image: Prafulla Kumar Pathi
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