Pigeon Flies Inside Ahmedabad-Jaipur GoAir Flight. Video Goes Viral!


This is the moment a pigeon surprised the crew members and the passengers of a Go-Air flight bound from Ahmedabad to Jaipur on Feb 28th 2020.

The video shows the stowaway pigeon flying from one end of the luggage shelf to the other as passengers duck to avoid the bird hit.

The unusual commuter delayed the flight for about 30 minutes and a team of rescuers came on board to rescue the pigeon.

The pigeon is doubted to have entered inside the cabin prior to the passengers boarding time.

While some of the passengers remained seated in a calm way the other concerned passengers tried waving their hands to shoo away the bird out of the cabin.

A passenger is heard cracking a joke and says in Hindi, “Please issue a boarding pass to the bird.” 

One of the doors was opened to remove the bird from inside the aircraft cabin.

A Passenger said, “We all had already boarded the plane when one of the passengers opened the shelf to place his luggage, it was then that the bird flew from there to the other corner of the plane.”

Another passenger said, “We do not know when had the pigeon entered inside the plane as we couldn’t spot its entry while we were boarding. It might have been prior to the boarding time when the gate was left open for the passengers to board.”

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