Watch: Ghaziabad Passport Officer Abuses And Slaps Applicant, Video Goes Viral


A video has been doing rounds on the social media where an officer at a Passport Seva Kendra in Ghaziabad is seen slapping a youth who questions him about the validity of the documents when shown on a Digilocker app.

Anmol Jain had a heated argument with the officer after he denied the validity of his documents when shown on the Digilocker app.

Challenging the official, he reminded him that the government has stated that any document shown on the Digilocker is as valid as an original one.

The officer who refused to budge constantly asked Anmol to show his original documents in physical to which Anmol started recording a video challenging the adamant officer.

The officer then lost his cool after an argument for a while and slapped him hard on the face.

The victim took to Twitter to show the arrogance of the officer and also that how the government official had behaved with the general public.

Supported by the video proof, he wrote on Twitter, “This is APO of Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) Ghaziabad behaves. He beat me and made me bleed because I was arguing Digilocker’s validity. If this is new India, no one should live in it.”

The video soon went viral while it was also retweeted by some famous Twitterati who tagged the CPV division and requested them to look after the matter.

When the concerned officer identified as Dharmendra Singh was asked by the media, he said, “The man initially said that he had lost his original documents and kept on insisting me to validate them using the Digilocker app.”

It is still not known if an investigation has been initiated into the matter by the relevant authority yet.

Source: Scroll
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