On Camera: Boy Catches Fire After Stepping On Open Wire


This is the moment a boy named Subham Soni (20) had a brush with death as his legs caught fire after stepping in on a live wire in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India on Friday 20th September.

A CCTV footage that captured the incident shows the boy with a bag on his back walking on the street when he reaches to the edge and steps on the live wire mistakenly while taking a left turn.

A bright spark and flame can be seen emerging after which the boy rushes out to put out the flames that were caught up in both his legs.

His legs can be seen burning as he jumps to put it out as a man watches the incident unfold helplessly.

The boy later put out the flames with the help of a few bystanders and rushed to the hospital where he was declared with 25 per cent burn injuries. The doctors have said that he will take more than 20 days to recuperate.

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