Vidya Balan’s Shocking Untold Story: This Director Kept Asking Me To Go To The Room


We always thought ‘Casting Couch’ was merely a term until the myth was busted by one of the famous Bollywood superstar Vidya Balan in a recent interview with Pinkvilla.

She recently shared her horrifying casting couch experience which has sent the internet into a frenzy.

In a lengthy conversation with Pinkvilla, the star spoke about her experience when a director from down south in Chennai asked her to go to her room and talk about the promising role that he was about to offer her.

When she kept the door opened for five minutes, the director made a rude exit.

She said in the interview, “One day I remember I was in Chennai and this director came to meet me. I said let’s sit in the coffee shop and he kept insisting that he wants to talk to me and that we should go to the room. I left the door of my room open and he left within five minutes. This incident suddenly struck me today when I’m talking about this.”

This is not where her struggle ended. She also narrates her ordeal about her struggling days when she would go on cursing herself for being ugly as one of the producers went on to exaggerate that she didn’t even look like a heroine in a shoot clipping just because he wanted her out of his film.

The incident left her with a shattered morale and low self-esteem for months but she chose not to give up.

She was heard saying in the interview, “I felt ugly. I felt like shit for months and I don’t think I looked at myself in the mirror. I didn’t like what I saw because I thought I was ugly. For the longest time I had not forgiven that man but today, thanks to that I realized that I have to love and accept myself the way I am.”

She was also slapped with a legal notice for quitting a Tamil Movie just because the script of the flick made her uncomfortable.

While the Bollywood fraternity has denied about the presence of a thing like ‘Casting Couch’ we by now know that it does exist and even the hit superstars had to go through nasty experiences once in their career period.

Source:  Pinkvilla | Image: Vidya Balan
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