TV Actress Juhi Sengupta, Alleges Assault By Kolkata Petrol Pump Staff


A popular TV-actress was recently harassed by the petrol station staffs after they deliberately filled her car tank with extra fuel and tried extorting the amount for the same.

The incident is said to be from the Kasba area of Kolkata in West Bengal. The incident occurred when the actress went to the refuelling station to fill the tank and asked the fuel station worker to top it up with 1500 INR.

The careless worker set the amount to higher than it was mentioned to him and topped up the tank with extra fuel.

When the parents of the actress asked as to why did they fill with extra fuel, they admitted it to be a matter of mistake.

After her parents denied paying extra amount citing it was not their mistake as they had already mentioned them the amount. The workers got into a serious scuffle and even took out the car keys and abused them.

Later, the actress intervened and called up the police to stop them from behaving in a rogue manner.

The actress Juhi Sengupta said, “When questioned why they put fuel more than what was asked for, employees at the petrol pump said it was a mistake but we have to pay for the excess fuel. When my father denied, they allegedly abused my father and tried to assault him. They even took away the key of our car. It was then that I intervened and called up police dialling 100.”

Posted by Juhi Sengupta on Sunday, August 25, 2019

Although no one was arrested, the police have collected the CCTV footage and are doing their investigation on the matter.

The actress also went on to narrate her ordeal on the Social Media which garnered mixed reactions from the social media fraternity.

Source: Hindustan Times | Image: Juhi Sengupta/FB
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