Watch: Elderly Tamil Nadu Brave Couple Fights Robbers With Slippers, Plastic Chair


This is the moment, an elderly couple displayed their bravery by fighting off two armed robbers in the Kadayam of the Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu in southern India on 12th August around 9PM.

The CCTV footage shows an armed robber trying to strangulate Shanmugavel (72) from behind who was seated on a chair.

The man somehow manages to get up and shout towards his wife Senthaamarai (69) who rushes out of the house to find the armed robbers trying to strangulate her husband.

She then picks up an object lying near her and attacks the robber in a bid to free her husband of the grip.

The duo then fights with the armed robers holding a machete who continuously tries to attack the couple.

The couple picks up the chair and stool lying around them and attacks the robbers and somehow manages to make them flee from the spot.

The elderly woman has sustained an injury in her right hand and lost a gold chain to one of the robbers during the scuffle.

The police have initiated an investigation based on the CCTV footage. One of the police officials said: “We have taken note of the CCTV footage and will proceed with an investigation as per the footage.”

“The woman has sustained an injury on her right hand but she seems to be doing fine. She has also lost a gold chain in the fight. The face of the robbers were covered but we will try our best to nab the culprit.”

Shanmugavel’s son had installed CCTV cameras in 14 entrances following two robberies in the past three years.

Source: News 18 | Image: ANI
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