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Jaipur Doctors Cure 3 Out Of 4 Coronavirus Patients

Positive news has surfaced from Jaipur amidst fear and panic of Coronavirus disease across the globe. The doctors have been able to revive 3 out of 4 patients from the deadly COVID-19 by using a combination of medicines to treat different symptoms that appears out of COVID-19. The doctors have cured 3 patients using novel […]

Rajasthan: Man, Woman Beaten & Hair Chopped Off For Having An Affair

A man and his girlfriend were allegedly beaten, tortured and their hairs chopped in a shocking incident of moral policing by the girl’s family in Rajasthan’s Nagaur district. While we are reaching for the moon and space, there is a certain crowd in the society who has started their race in reaching to the primitive […]

Rajasthan: Men Thrashed By Mob In Ajmer After Accident

In an incident, three men were thrashed by locals after they ran their vehicle over two sheep and injured them severely in Ajmer, Rajasthan. The victims were identified as Raju, Shakir and Sirajuddin. While Raju belonged from Sursura, Sirajuddin and Shakir belonged from Kuchil. The incident occurred after their vehicles collided with the animals. Soon […]

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