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Foreigners From Thailand And Indonesia Attending Tablighi Jamaat Sent To Jail For Violating Visa And Passport Rules In Uttar Pradesh

The country was already surrounded by troubles due to the Novel Coronavirus. Amidst such a situation, the infection found in the people of Tablighi Jamaat has increased further. They were also accused of violating the lockdown and joining the program and spreading the COVID-19. Now, the changes in the law in Uttar Pradesh has made […]

Food Sources To Help You Prevent And Combat The Coronavirus Entering Your Body

1)Ginger Boosts your immune system when you’re at risk of infection. Lowers the risk by inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria. You can peel it,grate it,slice it for use in all sorts of recipes. It makes a tasty and healthy tea. 2) Vitamin C Aids in preventing common flu and cold. Not only does it […]

Furious Mob Of 200 Villagers Lynch 3 Men Based On Child Trafficking Rumours In Maharashtra

A mob of 200 villagers took the law into their own hands and lynched 3 people based on rumours that the men had come to kidnap children and sell their organs.  The incident is of 16th April at the Gadchinchale village nearly 120 Kilometres from Palghar district in Maharashtra. The visuals above show the mobs […]

Migrant Worker Cycles 1,700 km From Maharashtra To Reach Home In Odisha

Mahesh Jena (20), a migrant worker pedalled from Maharashtra to travel 1700 Kilometres to his hometown in, Badasuari village of Jajphr district, Odisha. He took the extreme step as it was a matter of his survival since he was left with rupees only 3000 as an expenditure when the lockdown was announced. “It was rumoured […]

Thousands of Migrant Workers March Towards Bandra Terminus To Catch A Train

Thousands of migrant workers gathered outside the Bandra station in Mumbai protesting against holding them up jobless in the city without proper food station and facilities. The migrant workers from states of Jharkhand, Bihar and West Bengal gathered in a huge number flouting the social distancing norms on 14th April. The migrant workers were expecting the […]

Video: Women In Kota Hurl Plastic Bags Inside Homes After Spitting In Them Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

Four women were seen spitting on polythene bags and throwing them inside a house in Kota has created panic among the residents. The incident that took place on 12th April was captured on a CCTV installed nearby. A few residents spotted the presence of the women along with their children in the area. Some also […]

Watch: ‘Pan Masala’ Delivered Through Drone In Gujarat During Lockdown

During this pandemic, several people are struggling as their lives have come to a standstill. Addicts across the country are leaving no stone unturned to procure alcohol. From buying alcohol at high prices to breaking into shops to find alcohol, there are several incidents that prove the desperation of people during this time.  A similar […]

Coronavirus Lockdown: Muslim Residents Step In To Cremate Hindu Neighbour In Indore

Amidst the series of nationwide conflict where a group of one religion blames the other, an incident which happened recently is enough to prove that no God or religion is above humanity A group of Muslim youths displayed their true sense of compassion and humanity after they carried the dead body of a 90-year-old Hindu […]

Karnataka BJP Leader Throws Mega Birthday Party Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

As every Indian is struggling to keep up with the lockdown norms in this hour of crisis, some politicians have taken things for granted. It is often said that the rules are only applicable to the commoners, this is truly proven time and again by the powerful and rich. In a similar incident pertaining to […]

Video : Tik Tok User Who Criticized The Use Of The Mask Is Said To Have Infected With The CoronaVirus

A young man named Samir Khan who became a local celebrity for all bad reasons after one of his Tik Tok videos criticizing the mask went viral is now said to have contacted the deadly COVID-19. The video showed him mocking the use of a mask as he made a bizarre claim that God was […]

Video : Ninety Migrant Labourers Arrested In Surat After Clashes With Police

The migrant workers took to the streets and torched properties in anger amidst coronavirus lockdown in the Laskana area of Surat, Gujarat. The daily waged workers employed mostly with the textile and embroidery industries demanded proper food and wages. They also demanded that they are allowed to travel to their native places as they have […]

White House Follows Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Twitter

Indo-American relation has left the people divided into different opinions where one sect has criticized the Indian Premier Narendra Modi for giving up to the threat of Trump, while another sect believes it was done based on the human and moral grounds. Recently Trump had spoken of retaliation if the Indian government didn’t release the […]

Man Dresses As ‘Yama’ In Uttarakhand To Spread Awareness About Coronavirus

The Uttarakhand police hired a team of theatre artists to explain the people about the nature of the disease and the threat COVID-19 possesses to human life. The artists dressed as ‘Yama’ meaning ‘The God Of Death’ and paraded the empty streets while holding a microphone and announcing the people to stay indoors. The Yama […]

South African कपल Honeymoon मनाने गया Maldives, coronavirus Lockdown

Olivia and Rall de Freitas from South Africa went to the Maldives to celebrate the honeymoon. But due to Coronavirus they got stuck there. There is a lockdown in South Africa due to Corona and also in the Maldives. According to the New York Times news, Olivia and Rall arrived in the Maldives on 22nd […]

Video: BJP Suspends Leader Who Fired Gunshots To Mark PM’s ‘Light Diya’ Appeal

Lucknow: Manju Tiwari, the district president of Bharatiya Janata Party’s woman wing in Uttar Pradesh’s Balrampur has been removed from her post, hours after a video, purortedly showing her firing in the air during the ‘9pm9minute’ event went viral. Tiwari is the woman leader of the BJP in Uttar Pradesh’s Balrampur. On MOnday, a video […]

Mother Dies Of COVID-19, Son Refuses To Cremate Her Fearing He Will Get Infected

Family members of a 69-year-old woman who died of COVID-19 in a private hospital, refused to accept her body and cremate it, forcing the district administration to perform her last rites, said officials on Monday. Her son refused to perform the last rights despite authorities seeking to give him the requisite protective gears and assuring […]

Video : Indian Medics Stoned By Mob As They Search For Coronavirus Patients

This is the moment the locals were seen pelting stones at the doctors and health officials who went searching for the COVID-19 infected patients at the Tattpatti Bakhal of Indore, Madhya Pradesh in central India. The locals who belonged from the Muslim community got enraged and started pelting stones at the health workers and chased […]

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