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“Life bestows you with some of the most beautiful gifts and within no time, it seizes them too!

I and my husband were the happiest on the day when I gave birth to a little angel, Nilofar. Her beautiful smiling face was everything to us – even with the red mark which then appeared on to one of her cheeks. As soon as she began to grow up, she would start bleeding from her teeth out of nowhere. Continuous bleeding from her teeth for days bothered us and we took her to the local doctor of Gujarat.

Different doctors suggested different treatments for her – to some it was a case which was to be treated by the way of a surgery while to others it was a complicated matter. One of the doctors then diagnosed the disease that my daughter was suffering from and called it a case of HAEMONGIAMA.

This problem soon took a drastic shape and began to multiply itself along with the bleeding that she had to experience every now and then. A lot of blood loss from her body soon made her anemic and her hemoglobin count limited itself to a total of 5-6.

From her very childhood when she was a year old till today when she is 28 years old, Nilofar has undergone uncountable painful operations and surgeries in some of the famous hospitals such as Mumbai Jaslok, KEM Hospital and many more.

These surgeries and constant bleeding have taken a heavy toll on her appearance and made her look disfigured and a butt of jokes among the people at large.

I sure am blessed with an angel in disguise and I feel strengthened to see the willpower of my daughter. But today, even her willpower remains questionable. My daughter is losing her sanity, her life and I am not able to see her in such poor state of health.

Strength to fight the disease is slipping off her hands and my helplessness of not being able to raise enough funds for my daughter’s treatment is making me feel miserable.

Recently, we got in touch with Dr. ShashiBhushan from Apollo Hospitals, Chennai and he has suggested a final surgery of treating Haemongiama in her after which my daughter would finally get rid of this ‘rare’ disease. The total expenses of this surgery would reach up to Rs.20-25 lakhs.

Our financial condition is really weak and it is becoming very difficult for us to raise these funds by ourselves. My husband has a fruit-stall and thus collecting such huge amount of money from his total income is next to impossible for us.

My daughter is struggling from a lot of pain. She is living in between a situation of life and death. Her bleeding is increasing with each passing day, thereby making her feel weak – physically, mentally and emotionally.

I kindly request you all to please help my daughter fight this ugly disease by raising funds for her surgery. A little donation from your part may create wonders for my daughter. There is nothing more painful for a mother than to see her child struggle with her life!

A small effort from your side might create a difference for me, my husband and above all for Nilofar. Please help us.”

Your donations can save Nilofar’s life:

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