Netizens Get Furious After Video Of Mahesh Bhatt And Jiah Khan Clasping Hands Goes Viral On Social Media


Netizens got furious after a video of Mahesh Bhatt and late actress Jiah Khan went viral on the social media.

The video showed Jiah and Mahesh Bhatt enjoying a comfortable pose with each other as they both clasped hands and sat in a way that the netizens despised over the internet.

The video attracted the wrath of the people after Late Sushant Singh Rajput’s girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty’s picture also went viral on a similar fashion after his untimely demise in his Mumbai apartment.

The netizens took to circulate the visuals in a protest and to justify the existing nepotism in Bollywood that took the life of a talented and lively actor.

Ever since the death of Sushant, the Bollywood industry has never been the same. The people have tried their best to forget the incident but the pain seemed perennial and haven’t subsided even after a month.

In a recent development, as Mumbai police are ready to wrap up the case, the CBI investigation is soon expected after Amit Shah positively transferred the case to the relevant ministry for its perusal.

Within time, in a Redditt post, a woman who has claimed herself to be Jiah’s sister has made some startling revelations.

Bhatt had earlier claimed that Jiah had come to him seeking work but later committed suicide, the woman who claims to be her sister has now revealed that Jiah abhorred Mahesh and had never gone seeking work.

Some dots remained disconnected but seem like netizens have given it a wake-up call trying to connect those dots to solve the mysterious case of Sushant’s suicide.

The fans and netizens who are still deeply disturbed at the passing away of the talented actor are leaving no stones unturned to unmask the Bolly celebs who tend to carry on with heinous acts pushing talented actors to the mouth of death.

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