Woman Gets Bitten By Another Woman In The Mumbai Local



People out here, beware of such monster travelling in local trains. No one should face such a situation as my wife faced few days back.

Today my wife is literally scared of travelling in local trains all because she was beaten up by another woman commuter during peak hour rush. Not just that, the fellow commuter bitten up her arm causing severe injuries.

Let me explain the incident, so that you are cautious.

My wife boarded a 7:16 pm train on 16th September 2019 from Lower Parel station to get down at Dadar. An unknown woman (a wild animal) was standing side of the entrance door during rush hours. Due to rush my wife couldn’t control the pressure and that lady yelled at my wife “Dhakka kyun diya” on that my wife replied “ Dhakka peeche se aaya isliye laga”. That lady got pissed and scratched my wife’s face and hand with her nails. Her nails made two deep cuts on my wife’s left hand and one on her lips and started bleeding. My wife asked her to get down at the next station to lodge a complain with railway police. That lady got crazy she turned into a monster and attacked my wife life she is not at all scared of police. She again scratched my wife’s hand and pushed her towards the door. Luckily she balanced herself, but the lady couldn’t control her aggression, she started biting her left hand and my wife couldn’t bear the pain. Other lady commuters helped to loose her teeth, which almost done the damage and they pushed that mad animal inside the compartment. My wife lost her gold ring in that incident and she tried to search, but due to rush, she couldn’t find it and by the time train passed Dadar. One of the lady commuter asked my wife to take pictures of that lady which would help to record a complaint at Police station. The moment my wife took pictures of her and public started gathering that lady, she rushed to the door and went down at Mahim station.

My wife got down at Bandra station and moved to Bandra GRP, which is near to platform No. 1. By the time I have also reached the police station. I was shocked to witness the damage that the animal did to her so the police. They instantly arranged 2 male officers and 1 lady officer with Jeep and rushed us to the hospital where treatment was performed. Seeing her condition, railway police didn’t ask us to register complaints at the Mumbai Central GRP since the incident was happened between Lower Parel and Dadar. This is the first time in my life I went to register FIR (No. 1686 /2019) and All officers at Bandra GRP were cooperative and noted the incident carefully. Frankly, I was not expecting so much cooperation.

As a man I shouldn’t harm a woman physically and I respect that term. I want to meet that lady and ask “Why did you harm her so much and whose frustration you dumped on her?

Anyways, I respect my wife’s decision where she didn’t fight back with that animal and let it proceed in a legal manner. All the same, I want to highlight the law that the lady turned animal when my wife asked her to approach the police and lodge a complaint. Does that mean she is not scared of any law? The photograph shows that after the incident the lady is so cool and watching videos on her mobile. Her body language states that it’s a routine for her. May be because nobody took any action against her till date.

We have traced her details with the help of friend circle and social media and shared the details with GRP. Police went her place on 21st September, 2019 but as per her parents she was not at home. So police asked them to send her police station on the next day at 10:00am. On 22nd September instead of lady her father arrived with a lawyer because she won’t get a bail if she got arrested on Sunday. Police countered them saying they need a girl in the identification process and the bail is secondary. So police left with a van to pick up the lady from her residence. As expected, they hid the lady and they didn’t share her whereabouts. The police gave the legal notice to her parents stating that the lady should be present at the police station at 8:00 am dated 23rd September, 2019.

We got to know that her father is a social worker and same has not been verified yet. Being a social worker, he is acting smart and covering her daughter like a selfish worker.

We had already shared so much detail with the police. With the help of CCTV system installed in Railway, they can view the footage and reject the bail application. They should give her the maximum punishment so that next time she shouldn’t dare to repeat such kind of act.

Girl is absconding and switched off her number. If anybody can share more details about this lady or witnessed the incident can help us to get her punish for the crime she commited. My wife is still recovering physically and mentally.

The only expectation we now have is that the harmful person is punished before she harm anyone else!


Without any identification at the police station Glenda Swami has secured a bail on 23rd September morning. Glenda has been absconding since 21st September.

She didn’t even bother to come to the station despite sending legal notice & repeated summons for her to come to the Mumbai Central Police station. They might used contacts so that culprit cannot be arrested. They proved they are guilty by not facing us in the police station.

This girl and her father’s action also proved that they can get away with anything!

Please share this with friend/family circle.


UPDATE AS ON 24th SEPTEMBER 2019!!!!! People out here, beware of such monster travelling in local trains. No one…

Posted by ManZy MaNia on Monday, September 23, 2019
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