Angry Wife Chases Husband’s Car And Creates High Voltage Drama In Peddler Road, Mumbai


An enraged woman brought the traffic to a standstill after she flew into a rage and chased her husband’s car to stop it in the middle of a busy Peddlar Road in Mumbai.

The high voltage drama continued for sometimes as the road users slowed down their car to catch a glimpse of the rare fight.

The woman climbed on the bonnet of the Range Rover car and asked a woman sitting in the co-passenger seat to step out of the car, she also asked her husband to step out of the car and settle the scores.

The enraged woman continued with her drama till the cops intervened and requested her to clear the traffic that was causing trouble for other road users.

The woman refused to budge for quite sometimes before being pacified by others to get things sorted personally.

She finally managed to get her husband out of the car after screaming at him and then both were seen walking only after kicking him. She was reported to have followed her husband on a Hyundai Creta that was seen parked on the side.

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