White House Follows Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Twitter


Indo-American relation has left the people divided into different opinions where one sect has criticized the Indian Premier Narendra Modi for giving up to the threat of Trump, while another sect believes it was done based on the human and moral grounds.

Recently Trump had spoken of retaliation if the Indian government didn’t release the supply of Hydroxychloroquine for the Americans.

After fruitful talks in between Narendra Modi and Donald Trump, the Indian Prime Minister felt that the medicine supply ban that was imposed needs to be lifted on the moral and human grounds.

There was an ongoing ban on the export of the Hydroxychloroquine, the only drug that is said to be the best in the treatment for the ongoing ‘Pandemic’ as of now.

With this grateful gesture, Narendra Modi gained a special follower today where the White House followed the Indian Prime Minister’s personal Twitter handle.

The white house has been eclectic in following VIP and VVIP’s. The list of followers contains only people of the highest rank from a single country that is India.

The White House follows in a total of 19 Twitter handles out of which three twitter handle belongs to India. Apart from that, the others belong to the official handles of their own country.

The list of follows includes @Narendramodi, @PMOIndia and the Indian President Ram Nath Kovind.

Apart from that, there are no other foreign delegates that have yet been followed by the White house.

The people appreciated the noble gesture of the White House and said, “This makes it clear that the Indo-US friendship has reached a new level and it seems both the Prime Minister of India and the American president are quite fond of each other.”

Recently, Narendra Modi has been appreciated by the other countries for his expertise in tackling the COVID-19 Crisis. The world leaders are now asking Narendra Modi to take the lead and create a new history by directing them with an efficient way of tackling the ‘Pandemic’.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has also eulogized regarding the same and appreciated India’s expertise in containing the virus and limiting it to a greater extent despite the Tablighi Jamat incident which led to a severe spread of the disease in areas across the nation.

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