Angry Man Enters Inside A Petrol Pump And Releases Snakes, Video Caught On CCTV


An angry man came inside the petrol pump and released five snakes inside the petrol pump office after he was refused fuel in a bottle.

The CCTV footage captured inside the office of the petrol station in Budlana, Maharashtra shows the man approaching near the door as he holds a jar in his hands. The incident is of Monday 13th July 2020.

Snakes can be wriggling inside the jar as he twists open the cap of the jar and releases the snake inside the office.

He released at least five snakes where two out of them were Venomous and deadly Cobra.

In the video, a lady stands near the spot and witnesses the man as he unleashes the venomous reptiles inside the office room as she screams for help.

A few people stand and watch the man’s action in confusion until they realize the actual intention of the man.

A snake rescuer was called immediately who came with a jar and rescued the crawlers to be released in a nearby forest.

Police are investigating the matter based on the CCTV footage as the culprit remains absconding from the scene.

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