Video: Women In Kota Hurl Plastic Bags Inside Homes After Spitting In Them Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak


Four women were seen spitting on polythene bags and throwing them inside a house in Kota has created panic among the residents.

The incident that took place on 12th April was captured on a CCTV installed nearby.

A few residents spotted the presence of the women along with their children in the area. Some also claimed to have caught the women in the act, but when confronted, they ran away.

The accused fled the spot as soon as they realised the incidents were caught on camera and by a few people nearby.

One of the locals said, “When we caught them in the act, we shouted at them but they immediately ran away.”

Rajasthan Police sprang into action and recorded the evidence and the witnesses. The municipal corporation then arrived with their machines and sanitized the houses in the area.

The incident took storm on the microblogging site Twitter where the netizens asked the government to identify the women and take strong action against the culprits.

One even tweeted, “These are from a particular section of the society who are trying to spread the coronavirus in the areas. They are already exposed everywhere.”

Later on, the police arrested the squad and upon interrogation, it was revealed that the women had not done it to spread the COVID-19 but out of anger after they were refused money from the house they went to beg.

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