Video | Lockdown Leaves Agra Man, Dogs Drinking Milk Spilt On Road


This is the heartbreaking moment when a man is seen scooping spilt milk from the road and collecting in an earthen pot in Agra of Uttar Pradesh.

The video shows the man sitting on the road and scoping the liquid using his hands as he collects it in an earthen pot.

The dogs who are seen standing at a distance are seen drinking from their same source.

This comes amidst the nationwide lockdown in India where the daily waged workers and poor are left jobless to be able to afford food even once a day.

The government has promised help in providing ration and two meals a day but the people complain that they have not been receiving the adequate amount of food that was promised. They also complained about the low quality of food that was served to them.

The lockdown was expected to end by April 14th but it has been further extended till 3rd May due to the COVID-19 scare.

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