Die Hard Trump Fan in India Dies Of Heart Attack After Trump Catches COVID


A die-hard Indian fan of the American president Donald Trump passed away due to heart attack after he went into depression and stopped eating since he heard the news of Trump contacting the deadly COVID virus.

The Man identified as Bussa Krishna had built a life-sized statue of Trump in his backyard and made him his only god.

He was aged 33 and became a die-hard fan of Trump after he appeared in his dream.

He posted a tearful video on Facebook praying for his idol’s recovery from COVID-19 which has claimed lives of millions across the world.

His Cousin from Konney village in southern India said that Krishna was physically fit but had started to remain depressed once the news channels aired the news about Trump contacting the deadly virus.

He also felt sorry that his cousin couldn’t even meet his idol for whom he gave up his life.

It is not sure if Trump is aware of one of his biggest fans who had passed away in India.

Trump has seen a huge number of supporter in India while in a poll around 56% of Indians supported Trump and believed that he would make America great again.

Bussa was among the rare person who worshipped Trump like a god.

We at the Change For A Better India pray that his soul rests in peace.

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