Video : Tik Tok User Who Criticized The Use Of The Mask Is Said To Have Infected With The CoronaVirus


A young man named Samir Khan who became a local celebrity for all bad reasons after one of his Tik Tok videos criticizing the mask went viral is now said to have contacted the deadly COVID-19.

The video showed him mocking the use of a mask as he made a bizarre claim that God was there to protect him and he doesn’t need a mask (Piece of cloth) for his protection from the killer virus.

The video soon went viral on the social media drawing huge criticism. The social media users also demanded strict legal action against the man for portraying the seriousness of the pandemic in a wrong manner.

After a few days, yet another video has surfaced of the same person where he is now claiming to have contacted the virus and is seen asking the people to pray for his better health.

A news channel ABP also showed Khan making Tik Tok videos lying on a hospital bed. He is heard saying in the video, “Please support me, friends, I won’t be able to make more videos because the doctors aren’t letting me. Please pray for my better health.”

Khan is not the only person to have criticized the virus and have contacted it, earlier, an Iraqi Islamic scholar Hadi Al-Modarresi, who had called Coronavirus a “divine punishment against China” had himself been infected by the virus.

This incident comes as a lesson for those who are still underestimating the potential of devastation that this virus carries and are still relying on their imaginary friends to come to their rescue.

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