Thousands of Migrant Workers March Towards Bandra Terminus To Catch A Train


Thousands of migrant workers gathered outside the Bandra station in Mumbai protesting against holding them up jobless in the city without proper food station and facilities.

The migrant workers from states of Jharkhand, Bihar and West Bengal gathered in a huge number flouting the social distancing norms on 14th April.

The migrant workers were expecting the lockdown to end by 14th April as per the old deadline, but their expectations were shattered after the Indian Premier Narendra Modi appeared on Television extending the lockdown further till 3rd May. 

The restless workers then marched towards the Bandra railway station and demanded they be allowed to go home as they do not want any more food and shelter as promised as they were eager to see their family at this time of the crisis. 

The police came to disperse the crowd but the force looked too small in front of the deluge of the people who had gathered. 

The police initially tried to convince them to go back to their respective shelter homes or houses where they had been staying so far. The police also had to resort to wielding cane sticks to disperse the crowd.

The migrant workers wanted to go home as they were left jobless and as daily waged workers they have exhausted their money to sustain themselves in such a costly city like Mumbai.

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