These 7 Artists Of Ramayana Have Said Goodbye To The World


Today’s generation cannot relate to what our generations could and this is why there is a spike in the viewership when the serial Ramayana is aired on Doordarshan amidst the lockdown in India.

Ramayana is now 32 years old but it seems that history is being repeated.
There used to be a time when not a single person was visible on the street when the Ramayana was scheduled on AIR in the ’90s.

The same has happened yet again and everyone seems to be glued to their screen watching the same serial invoking the same emotions.

A lot has changed in 32 years, the memorable character of Ramayana are still imprinted on the minds of people, some even wondered what are they doing at present.

To let you all know, seven of the lead actors who entertained us with their impeccable acting have passed away. Let us walk you through everyone who made the entire serial a memorable one.

7) Dara Singh (Hanuman)

In the Ramayana, Dara Singh played Hanuman’s character in such a way that he became immortal forever. After Dara Singh, many actors played the role of Hanuman, but no one ever got the love and fame as Dara Singh did. Dara Singh breathed his last on 12 July 2012.

6) Actor Shyam Sunder (Sugriva)
Actor Shyam Sundar, who played the role of Sugriva in the Ramayana, passed away a few days back. Fans have mourned his death on social media. Actor Arun Govil has also mourned the death of Shyam Sundar.

5) Mukesh Rawal (Vibhishan)
Mukesh Rawal played the role of Vibhishan in Ramayana. Mukesh worked in many Hindi and Gujarati films. On 15 November 2016, Mukesh was hit by the train. The news of his death had shocked the fans. Police had found the body of Mukesh on the Kandivali railway track in Mumbai.

4) Lalitha Pawar (Manthara)
Who does not know the legendary actress Lalita Pawar who acted as Manthara in Ramayana. On 24 February 1988, she said goodbye to this world. Lalitha played negative roles in many films but she became popular in every house as Manthara. She surprised the audience every time with her acting.

3) Vijay Arora (Meghnad Indrajit)

Vijay Arora played the role of Meghnad Indrajit in Ramayana. He acted in many Hindi films and shows too. Meghnad’s role earned him a lot of fame. He died on 2nd February 2007.

2) Jayashree Gadkar (Kaushalya)

In the Ramayana, the role of Ram’s mother Kaushalya was played by Jayshree Gadkar. She was a popular Marathi actress. People appreciated her a lot in the role of Kaushalya. She showed his mother’s yearning well on screen. She breathed her last on 29 August 2008.

1) Sanjay Jog (Bharat)

Bharat, the most beloved brother of Lord Rama, who was declared the king of the entire city of Ayodhya, but Bharat turned down the throne and waited for his brother Ram for 14 years and stayed in the hut just like Shri Ram did. The character of such an obedient brother Bharat was played with such devotion by Sanjay Jog. Jog died of liver failure at the age of 40.

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