Teacher Shares Video Of Students Sweeping School


A video has emerged where the schoolgirls are seen sweeping the floors of a government school in Manesar.

Two different videos are floating on the social media showing one of the girls sweeping the floor while the other two girls are seen sweetie ping the courtyard.

The video was shared by a former school teacher Sunil Kumar who was suspended because he had confronted against the activity in the school premises.

Sunil Kumar formed a WhatsApp group and share the two different videos that he had captured as proof when he used to teach in the school.

He also said that the students sweeping the floor are just a part of the activities, the students are also asked to prepare tea and do other activities that prove to be a disruption in their education.

Sunil Kumar said in a statement to the media, “Girls are asked to clean the school and serve tea, which disrupts their education.”

Sunil Kumar who protested was first transferred and later suspended as he chose to go against the school authorities.

Earlier in July, five students from the same government school had written a petition to the Haryana and Punjab court to improve the safety of the students after which a team from the department, headed by Pardeep Dagar, special secretary, Haryana Secondary Education Department, had visited the school for inspection on July 30th.

Dagar denied having any knowledge about the videos in which students can be seen sweeping the school premises. “I am not aware of any video that shows students sweeping.

He did not raise any complaint of this nature,” Dagar said, adding that the department would look into the matter.”

He, however, confirmed that Sunil Kumar was suspended on account of making videos of the teachers and sharing the video on the social media without anyone’s permission.

Sunil has defended the accusation and said that he was just trying to highlight the plight of the students and there is nothing wrong in it.

Original Source: Hindustan Times 
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