South African कपल Honeymoon मनाने गया Maldives, coronavirus Lockdown


Olivia and Rall de Freitas from South Africa went to the Maldives to celebrate the honeymoon. But due to Coronavirus they got stuck there.

There is a lockdown in South Africa due to Corona and also in the Maldives.

According to the New York Times news, Olivia and Rall arrived in the Maldives on 22nd March. His plan was to stay for a week. But both have been there for 15 days now but still, they do not see any possibility of returning their home.

The travel agent said – go, have fun

27-year-old Olivia is a teacher and 28-year-old Rall works as a butcher. It was just the beginning of the Corona crisis that they had a plan for the Maldives, curious they asked their travel agent if it would be the right decision to go n a honeymoon during this vulnerable stage.

But his travel agent told both of them not to worry and have fun.

In the resort where Olivia and Rall stayed, there was no other guest besides them. Even though they were the only guest at the resort but the staff there kept caring for them.

According to the report, the room boy would come five times a day to ask them about the need for any goods. Nine waiters would stand with breakfast in the morning. Every night songs were played in the resort’s restaurant.

We have a lot of time. But this is strange. Everybody says that they want to get stuck on some island. But this is only till someone gets stuck in the truth. It feels good only when you know that you can go home.

Meanwhile, Olivia and Rall’s bank balance is also shrinking. In the resort where they stayed, the rent of a room is $750 that is about 50 thousand rupees daily. They came for 6 days and lasted 9 days more. However, the resort later gave them a discount. But now they have to spend the money that they had saved to buy a house. Also, it is not yet decided how much money will be spent to go back to South Africa.

South Africa has a lockdown until 16 April. On 1st April, South Africa announced the closure of all its airports but Olivia and Roll were unable to return.

According to the report, the duo first sought help from the South African Consulate in the Maldives and then spoke to the embassy in Sri Lanka.

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