Sonu Nigam Issues Strict Warning To Bhushan Kumar, Asks Him To Stop Messing With Him


As the celebrities are opening up about the existing nepotism in the Bollywood Industry after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, Sonu Nigam too didn’t shy away from keeping his point and admitting about the presence of such a thing in the glamour world.

The singer took to vent out his anger about the existing issue and also gave a strong warning to the T-Series owner Bhushan Kumar and asked him to steer clear of him.

He also reminded Bhushan of the ways he had helped him in the past and that now when he has achieved so much, has taken to mess with him and his career.

Sonu said in the video, “It is better early than late, why wait for someone to commit suicide rather it is the right time to speak when a person is alive.”

He spoke about different ways that celebrities are being harassed and then took to vent out his anger against Bhushan Kumar.

He reminded him of all the help he had provided, be it with performing a piece of music for him or even getting him an appointment with politicians like Thackreys.

He said that Bhushan Kumar had picked up the fight with a wrong person and that doing so will result in getting Bhushan exposed in front of the world.

The video soon went viral on the social media drawing flak from the netizens who supported the singer for speaking out against the nepotism at last.

While there was no reply or comment from Bhushan Kumar, his wife Divya Khosla posted on Instagram saying that Mr Nigam’s claim was based on lies.

The netizens in return criticized Mrs Khosla and said that they have their trust on Sonu Nigam and that he was speaking the truth.

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