Killing In The Name Of Lord Ram Is Insulting Hindu Dharma: Shashi Tharoor


We all know Shashi Tharoor is one of the finest spokesperson India has got and he never shies away an opportunity to criticize the Modi Government.

In a talk event in Pune, he slammed the government for the rising number of lynching and deaths and said that it is an insult to the Hindu religion killing in the name of Lord Rama.

He said, “What have we seen in last 6 years? It started with the killing of Mohsin Shaikh in Pune. Then Mohd Akhlaq was killed saying he is carrying beef. But it was reported later that it was not beef. Even if it was beef who gave anyone the right to kill a person?”

“Is this our Bharat? Is this what Hindu Dharam says? I am a Hindu but not of this kind. Also, while killing people, they are asked to say ‘Jai Sri Ram’. It is an insult to Hindu Dharma. It is an insult to Lord Ram that people are being killed using his name,” Tharoor added.

While it drew the wrath of the twitteratis who strongly opposed his views saying all the incident of lynching were related to personal issues and had nothing to do with Hinduism.

Source: India Today | Image: Shashi Tharoor/FB
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