Rajasthan: Men Thrashed By Mob In Ajmer After Accident


In an incident, three men were thrashed by locals after they ran their vehicle over two sheep and injured them severely in Ajmer, Rajasthan.

The victims were identified as Raju, Shakir and Sirajuddin. While Raju belonged from Sursura, Sirajuddin and Shakir belonged from Kuchil.

The incident occurred after their vehicles collided with the animals. Soon after hitting them, they tried speeding away but were pursued by the local villagers and caught.

They later thrashed him for injuring their sheep and also vandalized their vehicle.

The police rushed to the spot soon after receiving the distress call and tried to rescue the victims who were had received minor injuries during the scuffle.

The police said, “None of the parties have registered an FIR, once the complaint is lodged we will pursue the matter forward.”

Source & Image: ANI
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