Protest Erupts After Hathras Gangrape Victim Dies At Safdarjung Hospital In Delhi


A  gangrape victim who died yesterday at the Safdarjung hospital in Delhi sparked a nationwide protest.

The protestors demanded that the rapists be hanged till death to offer justice to the deceased soul and the bereaved family members.

There were mass protests held by the residents and NSUI students in Hathras, the city to which the victim belonged to.

The police have been trying to calm down the situation but the protestors came out in huge numbers demanding outright justice. 

The police also had to cane the protestors to control the situation.

The victim was gang-raped at her native Bulgari village in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh on September 14th 2020. 

The culprits were also said to have chopped her tongue as per reports while the police have refused of any such incident.

“The girl was strangled and in the process, she got her tongue in between her teeth leading in an injury that later developed into a wound,”

said a source

They also were said to have broken the spinal cord of the victim that led to her death on 29th September after she succumbed to her injuries. 

Soon after her death, a mass agitation started in the Indian capital Delhi and her native home district Hathras where the protestors demanded that the culprit be hanged for having committed the heinous crime. 

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