Prime Minister Narendra Modi Launches 75 Rs. Coin To Mark 75th Year Of Food And Agricultural Organisation


Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched Rs. 75 coin to mark the 75th year of the Food and Agriculture Organization. 

The release was made on Friday 16th October 2020 via a web telecast. 

Narendra Modi also released 17 new biofortified crop varieties and reiterated the government’s commitment towards the welfare of the farmers while speaking on the web telecast.

In the address, he reiterated the government’s commitment towards procurement of Agri crops at the minimum support price. 

This move comes amidst several ongoing protests by the farmers where they have refused to call off the strike against the centre’s contentious agricultural laws.

The Prime Minister added that the central government was also promoting millets and high nutrition crops to address malnutrition in the country.

He also stressed towards the betterment of the infrastructure of the Mandis so that MSP buying continues in a scientific manner. 

He said that the government has been investing in boosting infrastructure facilities at Agriculture Produce Marketing Committees (APMCs) in the last six years.

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