Police Strip, Torture 3 Assam Sisters, Pregnant Woman Loses Baby After Beating


In a gruesome incident, a pregnant woman and two of her sisters have been stripped and tortured inside the police station in the Darrang district of Assam in North-East India.

The torture was to the extent that the woman had to lose her developing baby after she was kicked in her belly by a police officer.

The incident is said to be of September 8th as the three sisters identified as Minuwara Begum, Sanuwara and Rumela were picked up from Sixmile area in Guwahati related to a kidnapping case.

The Police-in-charge Mahendra Sharma and a lady constable then stripped them naked and tortured them to the extremes.

After receiving serious injuries, the pregnant lady started bleeding profusely and was rushed to the nearby hospital where she lost her baby due to miscarriage.

The woman had filed a complaint with the Darrang district Superintendent of Police on September 10, but their case was not registered.
In the complaint, Minuwara had written to the Superintendent of Police accusing the police officials of torturing them overnight.

“We were brutally beaten up and the police officer who also touched our private parts. The police officer threatened us by showing his pistol and warned us from filing any complaint against him,” the woman said in her complaint.

The S.P of Darrang district Amrit Bhuyan has now initiated a probe regarding the incident.

In spite of pleading repeatedly, the police officials continued torturing them and got confessions signed at the gunpoint.

“When the police officer kicked my pregnant sister, she started bleeding and her pregnancy was terminated. My elder sister was two months pregnant. We were also forced to sign our signature in a blank paper at gunpoint,” said one of the sisters.

The Assam CM has now intervened into the matter and directed DIG of Central Western Range, Brajenjit Sinha to conduct an inquiry into the incident.

Assam Police has also suspended the accused officer-in-charge of Burha police outpost and the lady constable.

Source: India Today | Representational Image
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