Delhi: CM Arvind Kejriwal Promises To Make Onion Available At Rs 24/KG


Arvind Kejriwal has never shied away from distributing freebies and dirt cheap facilities as a part of his election agenda. Whenever he finds an opportunity he leaps in to take advantage of it to woo the voters.

Earlier it was free electricity and water and that did not stop right there now he has promised to make onions available at a price of 24 Rs. Per KG when the price of the key kitchen staple ‘onion’ is soaring high by the day.

Kejriwal said in a statement to the media, “We are about to take a step soon about the high rise of onion prices, we are talking with numerous vendors and floating tenders to transport onions from different states. We believe we will start supplying it soon.”

Earlier this week, the prices of onion per KG shot up to 70 Rs. Per KG. some areas have been selling onions at 90 rs. Per kg.

While with the soaring onion prices this offer seems more like a freebie to woo the voters and nobody does it better than Kejriwal himself.

Source: Times Of India | Image: ABP Live
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