Brutal Video Shows Monkey Hanged To Death in Telangana


A gruesome video of human brutality has emerged where a monkey was hanged to death by a few villagers in Ammapalem village of Telangana in southern India.

The video of brutality has surfaced on the internet forcing the forest officials to take action against the culprits.

In the video, the ape is seen hanging by a rope tied on its neck as it gasps for breath. Two dogs who witness the simian in the fix continuously bark in a bid to alert the people to its rescue, but little they know that it was them who had put the monkey in the brutal condition.

The heart-wrenching video enraged the netizens on Twitter who called this a ‘Brutal Act’ and asked the Chief Minister to intervene and deliver justice against the animal cruelty.

Sathupalli Forest Range Officer (FRO) A Venkateswaralu came across the visuals and termed it inhumane.

So far three people have been arrested as per the Wildlife Protection Act and a case has been registered against them.

As per information, the apes entered the field and destroyed crops regularly, it was unfortunate that one of them had entered inside the house of the farmer and fell into the water making it immobile when the farmer caught it and took it to the field to be tortured and hanged to death.

Supposedly one of them filmed the act of brutality which later went viral online drawing flak from the netizens and forcing the administration to take action against the culprits.

The men believed that killing one monkey would teach the others a lesson and they would stop coming to the fields or stay away from destroying the crops.

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