Bengaluru: Ola Driver Abandons Woman On Road At 3:30 AM


A woman who works with an IT firm as a senior manager was left stranded in the middle of a dimly-lit road around 3:30 AM after her cab driver from the cab aggregator Ola pushed her out of his car in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

The woman had just landed from her Colombo trip and had taken an Ola from the Kempegowda International Airport towards her home in Electronics city.

Her journey turned into a nightmare soon as the cab driver steered through a different route during the wee hours. The woman who knew the route properly confronted the driver about the wrong road taken by him and said that he was not taking the usual NH 44 route.

The cab driver rudely replied that he would take the road as directed in the map to which the woman knew he was lying.

She pressed the SOS call button but that was of no use. Soon she received a call but what shocked more was that the call was put on hold for minutes. The operator said that the call is being transferred to a supervisor but that didn’t happen as they later hung up.

She then called up a friend to her rescue who later arrived at the spot and dropped her to the desired destination safely.

On Monday evening, the woman reached the KIA police station narrating the incident. Police said that they had asked the cab aggregators’ service not to let drivers take the Begur Road once it is dark.

In an incident earlier, a Kolkata woman was murdered by her cabbie in the Begur road.

We at ‘The Change For A Better India’ strongly condemn the behaviour of Ola and would urge them to initiate an enquiry into the matter and take passenger safety seriously. We also urge them to take strong action against the operator who hung up the on a pretext of transferring the call and never called again.

Original Source: Times Now News | Image: Newsz
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