Video : Ninety Migrant Labourers Arrested In Surat After Clashes With Police


The migrant workers took to the streets and torched properties in anger amidst coronavirus lockdown in the Laskana area of Surat, Gujarat.

The daily waged workers employed mostly with the textile and embroidery industries demanded proper food and wages. They also demanded that they are allowed to travel to their native places as they have run out of jobs due to the stringent lockdown across the nation.

According to the police officials, the migrant workers were confined due to the ongoing crisis which made them bored and restless.

They hit the streets to express their anger towards the government and vandalized properties while torching some vehicles. They also attacked the police and refused to abide by the lockdown rules while openly flouting the social distancing norms.  

The police have registered an FIR against 90 unidentified migrant workers and charged them against riots and arson.

The officials said that the migrant workers were already receiving food and shelter but their demands were out of the box and couldn’t be met given the current situation in India.

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