Nepal’s PM Oli Mentally Unwell, Claims India Has Created Fake Ayodhya, Ram Was A Nepali


Nepal’s Prime Minister K.P Sharma Oli has been losing his sanity day by day as he comes up with interestingly hallucinating facts potential enough to spark controversy.

In the latest, he claimed that the actual Ayodhya is not in India but in Nepal. He also claimed that India has built a fake Ayodhya and is misleading the world.

He went on to exaggerate the hallucinating fact that Sita was married to Ram in Ayodhya which is near Birgunj in Nepal.

He said: “We also believe that deity Sita got married to Prince Ram of India. Actually, Ayodhya is a village lying west of Birgunj.”

“Ayodhya is at Thori, west of Birgunj, Balmiki Ashram is in Nepal and the holy place where King Dasharath had executed the rites to get the son is in Ridi.”

Oli further stated: “Dasharath’s son Ram was not an Indian and Ayodhya is also in Nepal.”
“We did not give Sita, who was born in Janakpur, to an Indian prince but Sita was married to Ram of Ayodhya, not of India.”

His statement spread like a wildfire evoking reactions from the netizens and drug addicts who are now desperately hunting for the brand of weed that he smokes to be this high.

Nepal is said to be a country of interest for China after it is bored taming Pakistan and wants to expand its territory as a part of its new hobby.

After repeated failed attempts of China to acquire the Galawan valley in Ladakh, it has now made Oli its puppet to help it acquire the new territory and offer jobs to the jobless who didn’t flee India but stayed back.

Even Nepal has started seeing their bright future with the tech-savvy nation as they stand on the verge to cancel their friendship with India.

Not that he has been keeping quite well for a few days or maybe he loves to be in the news due to his controversies. Maybe a thought has just crossed his mind, “When the world is talking about China and India why not Nepal to spice up that discussion. This would be a rare fan moment for us.”

Not that Nepal is claiming something that they do not own for the first time, the world actually doubted India when Oli initially claimed some parts of India under the map of his own country, this time it is a whole new episode of insanity.

Not sure about what the world feels about him, but at ‘Change For A Better India’ we hope and pray that he recovers from the mental illness as soon as possible.

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