Video Viral: Bihar Minor Girl Gangraped By 6 Boys In Nalanda


In a disgusting incident, a gang of 6 men squared up a couple and raped the girl at gunpoint in Rajgir of Nalanda in Bihar.

A video that is going viral on the social media shows the friend of the girl initially defending to spare them but the gangs first beat him up while a few others take the turn to rape the girl.

The girl is seen pleading constantly which falls to the deaf ears of the rapists.

The girl says, “Please let us go one time, please brother I am like your sister.”

Despite the plea, the rapists high on testosterone levels take this as an opportunity to satiate their lust and undresses the girl who is assumed to be a minor.

The men are seen taking turns to rape the girl as the helpless friend watches them carry on the disgusting act with helplessness.

The scared girl keeps pleading the monsters for the entire time but none of her pleas melts their heart.

A few who didn’t actively take part in the act took to shoot the incident on their mobile phones.

After the incident, when the girl went on to lodge a complaint, the police returned the family without registering a complaint.

Soon the video went viral on the social media sparking outrage among the residents. On seeing the massive protest in the town, and the involvement of media, the police have arrested four of the culprits as of now.

The police are yet to arrest the others as the culprits are on the run.

A citizen vented out his anger at the police and said, “The police is a bunch of eunuchs as they take rape as a casual thing. The officers should be suspended.”

While the police has been ignorant and too callous about registering a complaint, there has been no word from the Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

The state of Bihar is going back to the jungle raaj once again due to the inaction of the government against the erring officials.

The current government has miserably failed to curb such heinous crimes as rapes and murders has become a daily routine.

We at ‘The Change For A Better India’ feel sorry and disgusted at the incident and urge the police to take strict action against the culprits and the erring police officials at the earliest.

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