Delhi: No Media Outrage After Muslim Youth Kills Hindu Man


In a gruesome incident, a group of 8 Muslim youth killed a Hindu man who had gone shopping in the Paharganj area of the Indian capital Delhi.

One of the Muslim youths argued with the man on a trivial matter and soon raised an alarm to his friends who then gathered and surrounded the man.

The man was later confronted and questioned his faith. Owing to the matter of fact that he was a Hindu, one of the Muslim youths brought a knife from a nearby butcher shop and stabbed him.

The family approached the Delhi police who didn’t initiate an action against the youth and are taking the matter casually as the youths involved in the incident were Muslims.

Owing to the large number of Rohingyas infiltrating inside the Indian capital, the crime rates have increased with frequent murders and heinous crimes.

A leading activist who wished to remain unidentified said, “Most of the culprits who are involved in crimes have been identified as Illegal Rohingyas who go on from stealing, snatching and committing murders for pennies.”

“Delhi needs an NRC similar to Assam and West Bengal.”

The family members of the victim have blamed the police and the media saying that they are being ignored because the criminals involved in the incident are Muslims.

One of the family members said, “The mainstream media will not cover the incident because it is a Hindu who was killed, had it been otherwise, the media would have exaggerated the matter on the top of the world.”

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