UP: Woman Along With 3-Month-Old Daughter Burnt Alive By In-Laws For Dowry


Yet another shameful Dowry incident took place in Rampur’s Hazipura mohalla on Wednesday morning. This inhumane incident is of the murder of a woman and her three-month-old daughter who were burnt alive.

The victim had a 3- year-old son and a 3-month-old daughter. She used to live with her father and left her in-law’s place after they started to trouble her for Dowry.

They called her to sort out the dispute and when she reached her in-law’s place, she was burnt alive along with her 3-month-old daughter.

Shabnam’s(victim) brother Javed said that her in-laws didn’t inform them about the incident at all. They got to know about the incident from neighbours.

Police registered a case against the in-laws of Shabnam based on a statement given by her brother Javed.

SP Ajay Sharma said,” A murder and Dowry case has been registered. The investigation will be done based on circumstantial evidence.”

Source:  Business Standard | Image: Daily Hunt
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