More Pyre Platforms Added to manage the Rush in Delhi


With the increasing number of Coronavirus cases in the Indian capital, there has also been a surge in the deaths creating a waiting list of infected bodies to be cremated.

The crematoria have been flooded with infected bodies to be cremated making it insufficient for all the cremations to be done on a single day.

To cut out the rush, the civic bodies have come up with more number of pyre platforms to handle the surge of dead patients due to Coronavirus.

With at least 367 pyres dedicated to COVID patients, the non-COVID deaths are seeing an extra shortage of space.

Hence, to combat the crisis, civic officials have decided to add crematoria and platforms in several locations across Delhi.

A South Delhi Municipal Corporation official said that additional 20 platforms will be added along with 35 already in place at the Hastsal crematorium which is also a COVID-designated crematorium.

Apart from Hastsal, Bindapur, Subhas Nagar and Nigambodh too will see additional number of pyre platforms added in the coming days to tackle the crunch.

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