Viral Video Shows A Man Brutally Thrashing His Wife As Their Infant Cries In Front of Them


Heartbreaking visuals have emerged of a man thrashing his wife while their infant continues to cry on the floor.

A video circulating on Twitter shows the man pulling his wife by her hair tightly and thrashing her as she screams in pain. The man continues to yell at her as his hands remain tightly gripped on her hair.

A baby hardly 3-months old can be seen crying on the floor right in front of the duo as the negligent father continues with the violence ignoring the cries of his child.

Moved, the kid’s mother slowly grabs its leg and pulls up on her lap while still locked by her hairs in the hands of her husband.

A man who saw the incident from a distance took out his mobile phone to film the abuse. Since this was a personal matter the man might have avoided interfering in between the fight.

The video later went viral on the social media drawing wrath of the netizens who demanded that the administration and the police identify the man and punish him for his heartless behaviour.

The video has been watched on Twitter for over millions of times and retweeted to bring it into the notice of the administration. The location of the incident is not yet known.

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