Man Dresses As ‘Yama’ In Uttarakhand To Spread Awareness About Coronavirus


The Uttarakhand police hired a team of theatre artists to explain the people about the nature of the disease and the threat COVID-19 possesses to human life.

The artists dressed as ‘Yama’ meaning ‘The God Of Death’ and paraded the empty streets while holding a microphone and announcing the people to stay indoors.

The Yama says, “My curse is the Coronavirus and anyone coming out of their homes will be infected by the virus, I am already here to take him to heaven with me.”

The artists creatively urged the residents to wear mask and gloves and come out of their houses only when there’s an emergency.

The incident is of the Haridwar district in Uttarakhand.

The police also paraded along with the artists as they delivered the speech of awareness among the residents staying indoor.

One of the senior police officials said, “It was the best way we could come up which would not only entertain the residents who are indoors but also spread awareness among them.”

“Yamaraja is a God of death and people would understand that the virus is deadly and the concern is of serious nature. It would not only spread awareness but also encourage them to lock themselves indoors.”

“We have been trying to enforce lockdown for more than a week now and this was our effort to sensitize the people about the COVID-19 and the threat that it possesses.”

The video of the incident soon went viral on social media and the citizens appreciated the efforts of the police to come up with such an innovative approach to make the people understand the importance of staying indoor.

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