Karnataka BJP Leader Throws Mega Birthday Party Amid Coronavirus Lockdown


As every Indian is struggling to keep up with the lockdown norms in this hour of crisis, some politicians have taken things for granted.

It is often said that the rules are only applicable to the commoners, this is truly proven time and again by the powerful and rich.

In a similar incident pertaining to this, a BJP MLA from Karnataka identified as Jayaram took it to be his prerogative to flout the lockdown rules and organized a birthday party where he invited the locals in hundreds to have Biryani.

The video of his birthday party surfaced later creating a panic among the citizens nationwide who were angered at the irresponsible behaviour of the MLA.

The birthday party seemed to be a crowd of hungry invitees who had arrived to have a share of their Biryani that was being distributed at the birthday venue.

None of the participants or the attendees who were present at the venue was seen wearing masks or any protection to keep them safe from the deadly COVID-19. The social distancing norms were clearly seen being smashed to the rubble with the crowd hardly half an inch away from each other.

The video drew criticism among the social media users and the opposition who demanded stringent action against the erring MLA.

Manish Sisodia tweeted about the incident and criticized severely, he also demanded Jayaram be expelled from the party.

While the entire nation is trying to cope up with the rising number of corona Virus incidents, the incident comes as highly irresponsible behaviour and the party member should be sacked.

It is still not known if any action was taken against the MLA and the participants of the birthday party for violating the lockdown norms.

As the entire country sits home bearing both mental and financial damages, some seem to be openly flouting norms for their own entertainment.

In a similar incident, the prime accused in the Yes Bank scam accused was caught holidaying at Mahabaleswar along with their 23 relatives. The incident had come to light after a few locals complained the local authorities about the incident.

As per the highly placed sources, it was found that the political bosses had issued them passes and a free ticket to the holidaying destination.

At ‘Change For A Better India’ we would like to remind one and all, the lockdown is a strict measure to curb the virus infection and contain it from spreading further into the local community, it is not a holiday.

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