Indian Railways Turns Train Coaches Into Isolation Wards For Covid-19 Patients


The North Indian railway division has converted its railway coaches into friendly isolation ward to fight COVID-19 spread in India.

The Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi had instructed the Indian railways to consider converting the railway coaches into isolation wards to tackle the rising number of COVID patients in the coming days. 

With less number of medical infrastructure and ready to brace the impact, the Indian railways immediately sprang into action and converted the coaches into a high tech moving isolation ward for remote villages and small towns. 

The pictures show the isolation ward created inside the coach equipped with all sort of medical equipment and each coach has been bifurcated into 10 isolation cabins. It also has a toilet and each isolation ward has been guarded using plastic curtains.

There are also separate cabins for doctors and nurses. Some of the coaches have also been turned into Intensive Care Units (ICU) for critical patients. 
The coach is also equipped with 220 Volt Mobile and laptop charging points and proper lighting. 

The entire coach was restructured at the Jagadhari workshop in Haryana which falls under the Northern Railway zone.

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