Shocking Inhumanity: Dog Tied To Two-Wheeler And Dragged For A Km By Watchman Of Hyderabad School


In a disgusting incident and a case of animal abuse and cruelty, a dog was tied to a bike and dragged several metres by a school’s security guard in Hyderabad of Telangana.

The video circulating on the social media has shocked the people after the poor canine was seen being tied to a two-wheeler and was dragged for almost a Kilometre as it writhed pain.

An animal activist identified as Vadlamani Murthy who was present at the site immediately took out his mobile phone and captured the gruesome incident on his camera as proof.

He then stopped the vehicle and brought relief to the four-legged animal. He also questioned the security guard for the reason he took to hurt the mute animal.

It was then the guard told him that the principal of the Wesley Boys High School had asked him to keep off the stray dogs from inside the campus.

This dog was adamant and came again after being chased several times. It was then he tied it to the motorcycle and decided to drag it to teach a lesson.

The dog has suffered multiple fractures and was rushed to the veterinary by the animal activist.

In India, we need strict rules to protect the human-friendly animals who are subjected to cruelty now and then.

In an incident earlier a dog died after a security guard beat it with an iron rod in Mumbai. The dog was reportedly trying to shelter itself from the downpour when the security guard noticed the animal loitering and charged it with an iron rod.

Source & Image: India Times
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