Foreigners From Thailand And Indonesia Attending Tablighi Jamaat Sent To Jail For Violating Visa And Passport Rules In Uttar Pradesh


The country was already surrounded by troubles due to the Novel Coronavirus.

Amidst such a situation, the infection found in the people of Tablighi Jamaat has increased further.

They were also accused of violating the lockdown and joining the program and spreading the COVID-19.

Now, the changes in the law in Uttar Pradesh has made it tougher for the people of the Jamaat.

At the same time, 17 foreign visitors of Indonesia and Thailand origin have been sentenced to jail as soon as quarantine is over in Bahraich.

It is known that Bahraich police arrested 21 tablighis including 17 foreigners from the city’s Taj and Quraysh Mosques. They had arrived from Indonesia and Thailand.

After the authorities were alerted they went hunting for the Tablighis and contained them in several quarantine centres.

However, all the reports in the investigation have come out negative.

The visitors were presented before the magistrate, out of which 17 foreign visitors have been sent to jail on conviction of a violation of visa and passport rules.

In addition to all these, Sections 269, 270, 271, 188, Section 03 of Epidemic Act (1897), Section 12 (3) of Passport Act (1967), Section 14 (b), 14 (c) of Foreigners Act 1946).

A case has also been registered under Section 56 of the Disaster Management Act (2005).

Superintendent of Police Vipin Kumar Mishra said that on March 31, these people were detained based on information received by the police.

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