Travel Tech Firm Fareportal Lays Off More Than 300 Employees Amidst This Hour Of Coronavirus Crisis


As the entire world looks up to humanity, some moneymaking institutions and companies have been carrying on their business to flush their ethics down the drain.

An employee has narrated his ordeal in a video where he is seen speaking about a Gurugram based multinational company called ‘ Fareportal’ laying off their employees at the first sign of trouble caused due to the COVID-19 crisis, leaving them midway to suffer alone.

In the video, the man explains the trauma that the laid-off employees had to go through after losing their jobs.

The Ministry of Labour and the Indian Primer Narendra Modi had issued a strict circular not to lay off their employees and pay in full for the lockdown period.

The company decided to flout the entire norms and have started laying off over more than 300 employees. The laid-off employees later took to different social media websites to narrate their affliction.

Hypocritically the company had praised its CEO, Sam S. Jain, for receiving $1 as salary for a couple of months so that their employees can get their salary as the crisis hit the revenue of the company. While on the other hand, the employees were made to forcefully resign or terminated on the face citing COVID crisis.

We at ‘The Change For A Better India’ request the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Prime Minister Office and Ministry of Labour and Employment to look after the matter and take strict action against such companies that have flouted the norms and made their employees jobless in this hour of global pandemic and crisis.

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