Drunk Cop Crushes 60-Year-Old Woman Under The Wheels Of His Car in Delhi, act caught on CCTV


Horrifying visuals have emerged of a woman being crushed under the wheels of a car which was driven by a cop in the drunken state at the chilla village near Ghazipur in New Delhi on 3rd July 2020.

The CCTV camera has captured the moment the cop is seen running over the woman and then crushing her under the wheels.

The car is seen suddenly appearing on the camera as the woman is seen being hit with a jolt, she flies in the air with the hit and lands on the ground with a thud.

The bystanders who watch the horrifying incident unfold in front of their eyes immediately rush to rescue the woman who is floored on the ground injured.

Within moments, the car starts again and he runs over the woman for the second time as the crowd steers clear out of fear.

After being run over again, the woman comes under the front wheels of the car to be dragged certain metres before emerging from behind.

He then tries fleeing from the scene but is caught by the locals who prevents him from running away after committing the crime.

The crowd then rushes the woman to the hospital where she is being treated for her injuries at the moment.

The cop was posted as a Sub Inspector with the Delhi Police and was later arrested by the police.

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