Man Discovers Dead Lizard In His Food At A South Indian Restaurant In Delhi


A man who was savouring his south Indian dish ‘Dosa and Sambhar’ at a south Indian restaurant called Saravana Bhawan in the Connaught Place area in the Indian capital Delhi was left stunned after discovering a dead lizard in his bowl of Sambhar. 

The incident happened on 1st August (Saturday) when Pankaj Agarwal had gone along with two of his friends to the outlet to have his dinner. 

The man was just in the middle of his meal when he discovered the dead reptile in his food. 

He immediately informed the manager about the incident after which the manager tried convincing Pankaj that it won’t happen again. 

But since this was a serious fault which could have caused someone’s life. Pankaj refused to acknowledge the fault and went ahead to file a First Information Report (FIR).

The video shows enraged Agarwal showing the dead reptile to the manager of the restaurant on a spoon and ask the manager to speak out his name so that it can be captured as evidence. 

Another man asks him to shoot the video with the restaurant pamphlet with its brand name in place so that the restaurant cannot deny later that it happened at their outlet.

Based on the complaint of Agarwal, the police registered FIR against the restaurant under IPC section 269 (negligent act likely to spread infection of disease dangerous to life) and section 336 (act endangering life or personal safety of others). The matter is now under investigation.

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