Video : Delhi Government Delivers Low-Quality Food To The Poor


A video has emerged where the locals are seen complaining about the food supplied by the Kejriwal government for the poor and daily wage workers.

One of the men is seen complaining about the quality of food and the preparation in the name of food distribution.

The video also shows that the food distributed among the locals is insufficient to satiate the hunger of a family consisting of 6 members.

A lady holding a container shows the camera, the quantity of food being served.

The lady said, “I had come to take food for the family members who cannot come and stand in the queue. I have 6 members in my family but the food served is not even sufficient for a single person.”

Not only the quality of food was being questioned, but the locals also complained that they have been standing in the queue for almost three hours but the van scheduled to arrive around 1 PM arrived at 4 PM.

The angry locals bashed the Kejriwal government for keeping small children and adults hungry for hours in the name of serving food for free.

The Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal claims to be feeding around 4 Lakhs people every day during the lockdown period.

The citizens unleashed their wrath and criticized the government for their heartless attitude.

Image Courtesy : Bangalore Mirtor

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